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Our Core Philosophy And Guiding Principles

Our Mission

To provide each and every business, nonprofit, and individual client with affordable, high-quality translation services that effectively express their words, thoughts, and ideas in as many languages, dialects, and forms as possible. 

Quality Guarantee

We believe that the quality of our translation services is of utmost importance to our customers and clients; therefore providing high-quality services and guaranteeing those services is the cornerstone of our corporate culture and foundation to building trust.


At Concordis Language Services, we believe that serving others is an important and fundamental part of life. Therefore, we look to serve others by providing them with the essential tools to communicate across every border and every divide, in every language, and in all places by virtue of our capacity and capability to provide the best translation services possible. We believe that by serving and providing for the needs of our customers and clients, first and foremost, that we can become a better company, and develop the skills required to pursue excellence and success in everything we do.

Our Objective

  • Help people and businesses to connect and effectively communicate in every language and dialect.  

  • Provide high-quality translation services at fair and affordable prices.

  • Pursue excellence and success in every endeavor.

  • Provide value in every interaction and at every stage of the translation process  

  • Acknowledge and value each and every customer and client.

Our Core Services

  • Document Translation in over 100 languages and dialects

  • Website and software localization

  • Proofreading and Editing Services

  • Translation Memory Management

  • Certified and Notarized Translations

  • Transcription services

  • On-site, conference, and remote Interpreting services

Our Core Subjects

  • Automotive

  • Aviation

  • Banking

  • Business 

  • Financials and Stocks

  • IT Software

  • Legal

  • Literature

  • Localization of websites and software

  • Mechanics and Engineering

  • Medicine and Science

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Social sciences

  • Technical

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Guarantee

At Concordis Language Services, Our mission is to serve people and businesses, by providing the best translation services possible, and to meet every clients translation need by providing practical solutions to their translation issues at the highest standards possible. We endeavor every day to exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring to adhere to time-tested, industry approved standards that includes:

  • Careful preparation documents and instructions at every stage of translation and proofreading.

  • Numerous audits of translated documents by independent editors, who are experienced in the subject and target language.

  • Final analysis and review of translated documents by an experienced proofreader to ensure accuracy and fluidity of the text.

  • Provide post-delivery follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction as well as address any issues or concerns.

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