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Concordis Language Services helps support the mission and goals of our clients by providing them the tools and services that help them to effectively communicate with companies and people, all across the globe. Our services are designed to help bring people, businesses and various cultures together, by building bridges of communication throughout business industries, private organizations, and all across homes in over 100 languages.      

BUSINESS Translation

Translation Services

Translation Services



CERTIFIED Translation

translation Services

MEDICAL Translation

DOCUMENT Translation

translation Services



Translation Services

All of our translations come with a complete array of services, support, and guarantee that are sure to meet all your communication needs. Our in-house and external network of professional translators allow us to offer translation
services in over 100 of the most common languages and combinations used around the world. 

Our translation services are available throughout all the USA, including the following featured cities: 


We also provide specialized translations, that are target specific to a general region or area of the country, suitable for marketing and branding purposes, or community outreach efforts, specifically designed to provide a localized translation and "feel" for businesses, organizations, and cities.   


If you would like more information about our translation services, or wish to receive a free quote for your translation project, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address listed below, or call us at (332) 333-8876 or (413) 345-2587

For all general inquiries, to place an order, or to obtain specific information about our services, we can be reached at

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