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Based in the United States, Concordis Language Services is a global provider of multilingual services which include translation, interpreting, editing, and language consulting services, as well as other language solution products and services.

Concordis Language Services initiates all projects from the analysis and consulting stage to project implementation and finally, delivery of services. Our company serves a wide and diverse set of clients, in various industries and sectors of the global economy,  including  medical facilities, law firms, private and nonprofit institutions, local and internationally based businesses, various departments of local governments, as well as individuals. 

Our team of language experts bring a proven and successful multifaceted approach to each assignment, providing services in many different languages and segments of the global economy.  We also provide on-site interpreting services to businesses, organizations, and natural persons,  regardless of venue. Since its inception, Concordis Language Services has maintained a well established reputation in the development and implementation of multilingual services which help to support and carry out the mission and goals of its clients, throughout all five continents.

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