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Concordis Language Services is a provider of professionally translated and certified translations of academic transcripts, degrees, medical credentials, letters, and other documents required for ECFMG certification or acceptance to one of its programs, including EPIC and EVSP.  

We offer fast, convenient translations of your transcripts, medical degrees, government and hospital credentials, as well as letters of recommendation all at affordable prices, and guaranteed to be accepted by ECFMG or an ECFMG approved program.

All of our translations of your documents that are to be submitted to ECFMG for approval are carried out by professionally certified translators, experienced in providing professional translations of educational and medical credentials and documents, including official transcripts issued by an official government agency, accredited university, medical school, or institution of higher learning.

Each translation is carefully translated and proofread to ensure 100% accuracy, ensuring to follow all best practices, including those recommended or required by ECFMG. (For more information about official requirements for translating documents issued in a language other than English, please see the official ECFMG 2023 Information Booklet - English Translations

Additionally, our translations of your document for ECFMG will come on our official company letterhead, accompanied with an official statement of accuracy signed by us before a notary public, declaring that the translation is an accurate, word-for-word, translation of the original document, carried out by a qualified translator, fluent in the original and target language (English).

For more information about our certified translation for ecfmg certification

To obtain additional information about our certified translations of your medical credentials or documents for ECFMG certification please see our Instant Quote page, enter the number of pages to be translated, and choose ECFMG Translation to get a general idea of our prices for translating your credentials, or Request A Quote to receive a personalized estimate for the translation of your documents, as well as to get in touch with one of our translation specialists.

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