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Legal Translation Services You Can Trust

Do you need a professional and accurate Legal Translation? Concordis Language Services is a trusted provider of professional legal translation services, providing businesses and industries throughout the world with reliable and accurate translations and interpreting services. Each and every legal translation project is handled by a professional linguist and legal translator, trained and qualified to translate legal contracts, government-issued certificates, and official documents, notarized by a public notary and certified by us attesting to its accuracy.

What is Legal Translation?

In its most general sense, Legal Translation is the process of translating texts within the field of law from its source language into a target language. Since a great majority of legal writing is very technical and precise, it is very important that the translation of the legal text correlates with, as well as persistently capture the exact definitions of the legally binding document that establishes the rights and duties of all parties.

Professional legal translation services around the world 

Every country independently sets its own rules and regulations with regard to the qualifications and requirements for legal translators. For example, many countries stipulate that, legal translators must have a degree in legal translation in order to translate legal texts. While in other parts of the world, legal translators (sometimes called "Sworn Translators") must be commissioned by their respective government.

We provide the following Professional Legal Translation Services

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Bill of Sale

  • Certificates and Diplomas

  • Certified Translations

  • Charters

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Court Interpreting Services

  • Court Proceedings and Judgments

  • Employment Contracts

  • Employment Handbooks

  • Insurance documents

  • Journals and Publications

  • Legal Correspondence 

  • Legal Patents 

  • Legal Translations for businesses and professional organizations

  • Liability Waivers

  • Notarized translations

  • Official Document Translations

  • Organizational Documents

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Press Releases

  • Privacy Policies

  • Real Estate Contracts and Documents

  • Rights and Obligations

  • SEC Filings

  • Service Agreements

  • Tax Forms

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Translation of Court Documents

  • Translation of documents for immigration

  • Translation of Legal Contracts

  • Translation of passport documents for traveling and USCIS

  • Translation Services for law firms

  • Wills and Testaments

It should go without mentioning that the importance of obtaining an accurate and reliable translation of a legal contract or government issued document is very important, sometimes worth thousands if not millions. That is why most professional businesses turn to professional translation service providers to provide them with affordable and accurate legal translations, which is why our company is a trusted and reliable partner, servicing all company types in every industry with professional legal translation services.

Our company believes that you should always expect, and always receive, the translation of your important legal documents, promptly and accurately translated by one of our professional translators, paying important attention to detail by translating not only the word but picking up on the nuance and meaning behind every specific word and legal term used.

What you can expect from us as a provider of Professional Legal Translation Services:   


  • Professional translation services provided by one of our expert legal translators.

  • Prompt and accurate services at reasonable prices.

  • Language Services specifically customized to your needs.

  • Confidentiality and due diligence during the handling and translation of your legal contract or legal documents.

  • Professional Client Support from the time you receive your quote until the time we carry out our commitment to providing you with the legal translation services you require.

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