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Concordis Language Services provides reliable and professional Spanish translation services. Our network of professionally trained, expert translators makes us one of the best and most trusted companies to deliver fast, accurate, and affordable Spanish translation services, transcriptions and subtitling services from or to Spanish, all across North America, Latin America and throughout the European continent. We offer all of our customers and clients in-depth consultation services prior to launching any extensive Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation project in order to understand their goals and current business needs, which helps us to create and deliver personalized, long-term solutions that are right for our clients.

We provide the following services:


  • Spanish Translation Services

  • Spanish Transcription Services

  • Spanish Subtitling Services

  • Spanish Interpreting Services

We translate the following spanish language documents

  • Spanish Legal Documents

  • Spanish Technical Documents

  • Spanish Medical records

  • Spanish Business Documents

  • Spanish Business Websites

  • Spanish Financial Documents

  • Birth Certificates issued in Spanish

  • Marriage Records issued in Spanish

  • Court Documents issued in Spanish

  • Passports and visa documents in Spanish

  • Bank records and financial documents in Spanish

  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in Spanish

  • Insurance Documents in Spanish

  • Deeds, Wills, and Testaments in Spanish

  • Real Estate and Property Records in Spanish

  • Powers of Attorney issued in Spain or Latin America

  • Journals, Press Releases, and Publications written in Spanish

  • Business and Annual Reports in Spanish

Need More Information about our Professional Spanish Translation Services? 

Our staff members are always ready to answer all of your questions, and assist you in helping you choose the right products and translation services that will fit your needs and budget. For more information about our services contact today at:

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