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Translation Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why consider Concordis Language Services for all your translation service needs? 
A: At Concordis Language Services our focus is on the customer and delivering accurate translation services.
Unlike larger translation companies, our company can offer all of our clients' individualized attention, meticulous
quality control, and a continuous, steady working relationship. 

​Q: What kind of documents does your company translate?
A: Concordis Language Services is an all-inclusive translation services company. We handle a variety of documents from legal documents to medical reports, technical manuals, and patents, as well as other types of documents that require translation from one language to another. 

Q: Do you offer free service quotes?
A: Yes. All of our services come with a free, no obligation quote, so you know exactly what you're getting and its related costs before making your purchase. 

Q: How much do you charge for translation services? 
A: We calculate the cost of translating your document on a per-word basis. the rates we charge depend and are fixed by the language combination in question, subject matter, and in most cases, may depend on the document's total word count.

Q: Do you have minimum charges?
A: Yes. Due to the nature of our business, as well as operating costs, minimum charges are applied for all translation services, for any type of document, that has a minimum of 250 words or fewer. 

Q: What are your minimum charges?
A: Again, our minimum charge depends on the type of document to be translated and the language combination involved. For example, our minimum charge for providing a certified translation of a 1-page birth certificate is $85.00
This fee covers the cost of translating your document as well as the cost of notarizing it, plus travel time.

Q: What is your turnaround time for translating a document?
A: For most orders placed before 8:00 AM Eastern US Time (12:00 UTC), we can guarantee a delivery time of 24 hours or less. Of course, our estimated time of delivery will also depend on the total number of words to be translated. Some orders may take up to 2 weeks, others may take less. We will give you an estimated time of completion at the time of your inquiry.

Q: Besides translation services, what other services does Concordis Language Services offer?
A: Besides translation services, we also offer interpreting services, graphic design, desktop publishing and other language solutions, that help meet the language needs of a typical business.  The majority of these services are charged on an hourly basis and will depend on any language combination or special requirements.

Q: Does Concordis Language Services offer certified translation services?
A: Yes. As noted above, we offer certified translation services for any type of document that requires that the translation is accompanied by a notarized certificate, as required by most educational and government institutions.

Q: Does Concordis Language Services use CAT Tools  (Computer-Assisted-Translation)?
A: While we currently do not place any requirement on our team of translators with regard to the use of CAT Tools, we may accommodate our client's need for quick delivery by assembling a team of translators who are trained and familiar with the use of Computer-Assisted-Translation tools (i.e. Trados, Memsource, Across).

Q: Do you offer discounts for large volume translations? 

A: We are happy to offer a mix of discounts and specials for large volume orders. The type of discount you receive will depend on your particular translation needs, volume, and other specifics. For more information about our discounts and offers, please see Discounts for Business Translation Services

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