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Our company is dedicated to helping people and businesses communicate throughout the world, without the barriers that naturally exist through the separation of languages and culture.  Our team of experts provide a number of professional document translation services in over 100 languages, to a broad range of business industries and fields. Our linguists are specially trained in the area and industries for which they translate, ensuring that your document is carefully and accurately translated, using common industry terminology and language, where appropriate. All of our document translation services are secure, competitively priced, and customized according to your professional and business needs.  

TECHNICAL Document Translations:

  • Oil and Gas

  • Geological surveys and reports

  • Nuclear Engineering 

  • Electrical Engineering 

  • Civil Engineering 

  • Technical Manuals

  • User Guides

  • Operating Procedures

  • Equipment Specifications

  • Industry standards

  • Industrial Standards

  • Consumer Manuals

  • Technical Specifications

  • Technical Articles

  • Russian Technical Translations

More information about our Technical Translation Services

​MEDICAL Translations

  • Patient medical records and reports

  • Medical Journals 

  • HIPAA forms

  • Medical Device Translation

  • Medical Instrument specifications

  • Medical Instrument manuals

  • Special Tender Specifications

  • Clinical Trial Translation

  • Pharmacological Studies

  • Medical translations of a legal nature

  • Medical Credentials for ECFMG Certification

LEGAL Translations

  • Legal Contracts

  • Patents

  • Court Judgments

  • Government issued Documents

  • Certificates

  • Wills and Last Testament

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Depositions

  • Police reports

  • Witness statements

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Visa and Immigration documents

  • Articles on Mergers and Acquisitions

  • National and Transnational Regulatory Requirements

  • European Law 

  • Notarized and Certified Translations

  • Lease and Rental Agreements

  • Translation Services for Law Firms

For more information about our legal Translations visit our Legal Translation Services page.  


  • Multi-Media Marketing 

  • Public Relations

  • Press Releases

  • TV Advertisements

  • Brand Marketing

  • General Correspondence

  • Business-to-business correspondence

  • Mailing and E-mail Marketing

​​BUSINESS Translations

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Corporate Policy 

  • Client Business Correspondence

  • Employment Contracts

  • Employee Handbook

  • Human Resources 

  • Financial Statements

  • Annual Reports

  • Stock Reports

  • E-Commerce

  • Website Localization

  • Business Document Translations


​​LITERARY Translations

  • ​​Non-Fiction

  • Fiction

  • Science Fiction

  • Historically based literature

GOVERNMENT, NGO, Military, Defense

  • Government Policy

  • Military and Defense

  • Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Government Forms

  • Military Engineering

  • Arms Industry

  • Technical

  • Aviation

  • Space Industry


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