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Concordis Language Services offers comprehensive and professional Russian translation services that cover a wide range of subjects, which include, Technical documentation, legal translation, medical translations including, patient records, clinical trials, training materials, medical contracts, batch production records, and more.  We also offer Russian translations in other areas such as banking and finance, and marketing. 

Our trained, in-house translators can translate your document from Russian to English, or other common combinations between Russian and other languages. In addition to our in-house resources, our network of expert translators gives us the advantage to draw from a wide source of external resources on which we rely to deliver the best translation services and products. We offer in-depth consultations to understand your language translation needs, as well as craft long-term solutions that are right for you and your company.

Our company provides the following Professional Russian Translation Services and cover the following subjects:

Subjects Covered:


  • Nuclear Engineering

  • Oil and Gas 

  • Civil Engineering 

  • Technical Documentation

  • Equipment Specifications

  • GOST Standards

  • Consumer Manuals

  • Technical article publications


  • Patient records

  • Clinical reports

  • Medical Journals 

  • HIPAA forms

  • Consent forms

  • Medical Instrument specifications

  • Medical Instrument manuals

  • Special Tender Specifications

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements of a legal and medical nature. 

  • Russian Interpreting Services

  • Business Conferences

  • Attorney-Client meetings

  • Court appearances

  • Medical appointments

  • Private meetings

  • Video Conferencing

       Russian Legal Translation

  • Russian Contract Translation

  • Litigation

  • Court Judgments

  • Certificates

  • Wills and Last Testament

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Immigration documents

  • National and Transnational Regulatory Requirements

  • European Law 

  • Notarized and Certified Translations

  • Real Estate contracts

    Business and Finance

  • Corporate Policy 

  • Business Correspondence

  • Human Resources documentation

  • Press Release 

  • Annual Reports

  • Bank Statements

  • Income and tax Documentation

  • Forex Reports

  • Business website translation

  • Website Localization

  • Russian Business Translation Services

  Facts about the Russian Language

  • The Russian language is the most commonly spoken language that makes one part of the family of Slavic languages.

  • The Russian alphabet (Cyrillic), dating from the 9th century AD., was developed by twp Greek missionaries. (Cyril and Methodius).

  • Russian is the official language of Russia, and one of the official languages of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

  • With 148 million inhabitants, Russia has the highest number of languages spoken within its borders: anywhere from 130 to 200, depending on the criteria used.

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