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New York City Legal Translation Services
You Can Trust

Concordis Language Services is a trusted source for professional New York City legal translation services. At Concordis Language Services, We strive to provide law firms, local businesses, corporations, and law groups of New York City, New York, timely, accurate, and competitively priced, professional legal translation services seven days a week. Every legal translation is carried out by one of our expert legal translators and overseen by a project manager who will ensure that your contract or other legal document is accurately translated and suitable for all legal purposes, including State Departments, USCIS, state and federal courts, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and all other government agencies. All of legal translations come notarized and are 100% guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS and all state agencies.

We provide the following New York City Legal Translation Services to law firms, businesses, national and transnational corporations:

  • Legal Contracts

  • Legal Patents 

  • Legal Correspondence 

  • Litigation and Judgments

  • Notarized Translations

  • Government Issued Documents 

  • Certificates, Identification cards, and academic degrees

  • Certified Translations

  • On-site and remote Court Interpreting Services

At Concordis Language Services, we understand the importance of providing timely service and ensuring that you receive your legal translation, properly translated, in a reasonable amount of time, which is why we guarantee that you will always receive a legal translation that is suitable for all legal purposes.

What you can expect from us as a provider of Legal Translation Services to businesses and law firms in New York City:   
  • Professional legal translations carried out by one of our professionally trained legal translators.
  • Immediate and precise services at reasonable prices.
  • Translation Services that are customized to your needs.
  • Confidentiality during the handling of your legal documents.
  • Professional support by our staff from the time you receive your quote until the time we finish translating your legal document, as well as provide any post-service support necessary.


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