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Translation Services in Hartford

Are you a business, nonprofit, or an individual looking for translation services in the Hartford area?
Concordis Language Services is a trusted source for translation services throughout New England and all of the United States. We are committed to supporting the businesses and people of Hartford through our expert knowledge of foreign languages and cultures, and applying that knowledge to offer the people and the city of Hartford the best translation services possible.

Our company works with small and large businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations to help them effectively communicate their message to clients, customers, and business partners in Hartford, inside the US, as well as in every corner of the world.

We offer a wide variety of translation services and language solutions in over 100 languages, including Chinese (simplified and traditional), Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, to help meet our client's communication needs across virtually every sector and industry of business. 

Our network of professional translators specialize in translating for a wide arrangement of businesses, agencies, NGO, public institutions, government entities, and nonprofit organizations, in a wide range of subjects and topics, including business, financial, government, legal, marketing,  medical, as well as technical, to name a few areas in which our translators are trained.

In addition to specialized translations, we also offer certified translations to every business and person living or working in Hartford and its surrounding areas at affordable rates. All of our certified translations come with a notarized Certificate of Accuracy which affirms that the translation has been carried out by a competent translator who is fluent in both the source and target language.

Our certified services are 100% guaranteed to be accepted for all legal purposes, including the USCIS for Visa and immigration, State Departments, local, district, and federal courts, as well as other state and federal agencies.

All of our translation services are always tailored to your specific needs, delivered on time, and never over budget. Our services are especially great for businesses based in Hartford that are looking to expand their business operations to other areas around the world,

Some of our most frequently requested translation services in Hartford

If you are a business looking for professional translation services, or an individual in need of certified translation services, and would like to receive a free estimate, you may reach us by writing to the e-mail address listed below, or call us at (413) 345-2587, or (332) 203-7018. You may also submit your document for a free evaluation by going to REQUEST A QUOTE

For answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, check out our FAQ page. For all general inquiries, to place an order, or to obtain specific information about our services, we can be reached at

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