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Translation Services in Springfield, Massachusetts

Concordis Language Services is a professional translation and interpreting service company based in the Western Massachusetts area. Our mission is to help support the businesses and people that work and live in the greater Springfield area to transcend language barriers by helping them to effectively communicate using the spoken and written word in over 100 languages.

Our translation services are great for local and national businesses looking to expand their business operations to other areas of the world, as well as individuals who need a certified translation of their birth certificate, diploma, marriage license, or other important documents.

Some of our most popular language combinations for the greater Springfield area include Arabic into English, Simplified Chinese into English, Portuguese into English, Russian into English, as well as Spanish into English translations.

Some of our most frequently requested translation services in Springfield: 

If you or your professional organization are interested in learning more about our translation services, would like to discuss the specifics of your particular translation service needs, or want to receive a free estimate, you may reach us by writing to the e-mail address listed below, call us at (413) 345-2587, or by submitting your document for a free evaluation by going to REQUEST A QUOTE

For answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, check out our FAQ page. For all general inquiries, to place an order, or to obtain specific information about our services, we can be reached at

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